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Ignition Online have a larger player base than you might expect but since they’re one of the only legitimate online card rooms catering to U.S. players, it’s still a significant player pool.

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A lot of the books here focus on theory. I’ve read MANY poker books by multiple famous author’s and her advice is as good if not better than any. The only complaint I have is that it gets very boring. I know she isn’t in the book business per say, but the first time I read it and everytime since I find my mind wandering during the middle areas of the book. I put it down and come back later. If your looking for a solid how to play book this is it. But if you have a short attention span to dry reads your gonna struggle with it.

The books sold here are all very solid and sound books. I have read well over 30 poker books and I like the way she thinks through hands. Not only did I read it once, I referred back to it a few times over the last year. I’m really writing this review because most of the 1 star reviews are irresponsible and I wanted to reply. If you read the 1 star reviews you will notice a few things. First, most of them did not read the book. Second, most of them are angry at her brother and simply wrote an angry comment. Also, most of the comments are completely meritless. Several reviews said that she is not qualified to write a poker book because she does not win. This is incorrect. Annie Duke has won over $4,000,000 in poker tournaments and cashed over 40 times. If this is not winning, I want this level of failure. One of the 1 star reviews is clearly just a promotion for 2 plus 2 books. He not only complained about this book, he managed to complain about all of the Gordon books as well. One of the reviewers actually tried to claim that all 75 five-star reviews must be fake. So this one mean that got 75 people that live in different places to write long and detailed reviews (some over 300 words) that are all fake. What seems more realistic, that 75 people are lying or that 12 people that gave the book a bad review have their own agenda’s. I don’t know Annie, but I would really hate if my work was insulted because of something my brother was involved with. If you are a low to mid level player you will get some good ideas from this book. Its worth the price. It’s not perfect, but I have gotten a lot out of it and I have definitely applied things I learned in this book to my game.

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Showing all 10 results